My First Boss, Mr. Kennedy

At my first agency, Tardis Advertising, located in Portsmouth, New Hampsphire. I worked with a hilarious, quick-witted 65-year-old man named Tom. Everything he said was gold, so I created a Tumblr in his honor. He was touched. Check it out here.


A Cover Letter I Wrote to a Design Agency

Hello —-,
My name is Julia, but everyone calls me Jules. I happen to be in the market for a copywriter position. I noticed that you don’t employ any full-on copywriters at the moment. I think it’s time for a change. A dedicated writer on staff is essential. Did I just write essential? That’s cliche. Let’s say invaluable. That’s slightly less cliche. Necessary? That’s just correct. A dedicated writer on staff is necessary. Your designs have sight down, no doubt. Now let’s give them a voice with some extra soul. Jimmy Brown style.
You’re probably thinking, “Well what you makes YOU so great, you cocky creature?” Here goes: I majored in English at the University of Toronto. Nope, not Canadian, just international like the House of Pancakes. Moved back to the states after graduation and worked at a small ad agency in New Hampshire for a while. I was also a writer and editor for a dope tech blog called
In 2014, I needed a shakeup. That’s when I moved to Chicago (knew not one soul and didn’t have a job lined up; it’s worked out though). Ever since, I’ve been working in agency account management with a bit of freelance copywriting on the side. In my spare time, I perform improv and write comedy.
Let’s face it, my talents are wasted in account management. I love working with people which has kept me going, but my soul craves creativity. At my current job as an Account Coordinator, I gaze longingly at the creative department, willing them to gaze back and invite me into their club with open arms. They don’t. And the department doesn’t need writers anyway, so it’s all just one big fantasy in my head.
All this is to say, I’m looking for a creative place for my creative writing talents. —–, will you accept this rose?
Kindest regards,

Press Release written for a retail client

“Portsmouth—Club Boutique and City Shoes of downtown Portsmouth are having their Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday, April 12.

Cathy Reddington, City Shoes’s owner, says, “When I dreamt of owning a shoe store, this is exactly the kind of store I envisioned.” Alissa Gold Jacobs, owner of Club Boutique, adds, “This new location allows us to better serve our customers and provide a true one-stop shopping experience.”

The combination dress and shoe store will have many special events to kick off the Grand Opening of their new location, including raffles, refreshments and giveaways.  Stop by anytime from 10 am to 8pm. Club Boutique and City Shoes’ new store is located at 10 Pleasant Street (formerly Me & Ollie’s) in downtown Portsmouth.”

Article written for a retail client

This article appeared in The Islander, a magazine for the residents of New Castle, New Hampshire.

A few months ago, Club Boutique and City Shoes, a combination dress/shoe store, of Portsmouth moved locations. The new venue at 10 Pleasant Street has had a wonderful effect on the shop. With more open space and lots of light, Alissa Gold and Cathy Reddington have been able to meet all kinds of new customers as well as show off their unique products in the new space.
Club Boutique is known for its large selection of dresses for all different occasions. Alissa Gold, the store’s owner, caters to prom queens, mothers of the bride and the more casual woman as well. “I love that my clothing is geared towards women of all sizes and shapes. I love that I can offer fashion wear that is classic, but eclectic at the same time. I like to think there is something for everyone in my store,” says Gold. As an example of her philosophy of accommodating many different types of women, Gold talks about her favorite dress in the store. “I have a lovely satin scrunchy short or long dress that fits every body type. It makes everyone’s butt look amazing. It’s off-the-shoulder and so glamorous.”
Similarly, City Shoes loves being able to cater to many different needs. Reddington says, “My customer is extremely discerning when it comes to comfort and fashion.  I carry brands that offer European style combined with comfort and fashion.  Customers can find shoes for everyday comfort as well as special occasion, business and casual.  Variety is important to me. My favorite shoe right now is the Wolky Ka. It has a modern sleek wedge heel, ankle strap and adjustable wide strap across the toes. Customers love the adjustability and comfort.” Reddington values the variety of shoes she carries and recognizes that it sets her apart from other shoe stores in downtown Portsmouth. She also works hard to ensure that her customers receive the very best customer service from her staff.
Both Club Boutique and City Shoes love their new space and the Pleasant Street neighborhood, finding that it lives up to its name. “I couldn’t be more happy with how the space turned out.  We have visibility which is integral for the success of any business.  The freshness and light of the space is exhilarating and a pleasure to work in,” says Reddington. “The neighborhood has been incredibly welcoming. Our landlord delivered our new space to us in brand new condition. Stonewall Kitchen next door has also been an incredible building-mate, they’ve kept us well-fed, and have helped us out several times,” Gold adds.
The new location has not only been beneficial for business, but has also allowed the two stores to become more involved in the downtown Portsmouth community. Both stores and owners are thrilled to get to know their neighbors better while supporting other local businesses downtown.

PSA for a local charity

Thirty-second television PSA written for the Blue Ocean Society, a non-profit dedicated to protecting marine life off of the coast of Maine and New Hampshire.

“Here’s a chance for your small donation to become a major gift. The Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation in Portsmouth, NH is participating in the Moosejaw Patagonia $10,000 Charity Thing. If Blue Ocean raises the most money from donors, they stand to win up to $5,000. Blue Ocean is one of twenty participants in the U.S. and the only charity from New England. Help support Blue Ocean and the Seacoast by visiting to donate. Every dollar donated could mean thousands for the Blue Ocean Society.”