Excerpt from brochure about non-profit overseas project

The following excerpt was taken from a brochure I wrote outlining a community health initiative taking place in Pakistan for Save the Children Canada.

Gender Equality Strategy

This project strives to promote and enable equitable access to health care by placing women in key supportive and service delivery roles. Three women were hired as Field Program Assistants to work closely with Health Workers to determine ways to empower women to take care of their children and themselves. At the service delivery level, all community health workers and their supervisors are women. This is critical to ensuring that women, as primary caregivers, are able to and are comfortable with accessing care for themselves and their children. In addition, an emphasis will be placed on increasing gender awareness amongst project staff and relevant partners in project implementation. As a result, the project is in the midst of planning training sessions to build the capacity of the project staff and trainers on gender sensitization and equity issues. The training will encompass essential components around gender, thus ensuring that all project activities are carried out in a gender sensitive way.”