45-second Radio commercial for an oil company client

“You probably saw it on the news. A big oil company with offices all over the place let hundreds of their customers run out or run dangerously low on heating oil. They blamed it on the weather and some problem with their phones. Give me a break. Delivering oil when the weather is bad is exactly what we’re suppose to do. Maybe local is better. P. Gagnon customers know we will be there when they need us… we guarantee it. Our Automatic Delivery Guarantee says that if we slip up and you do run out of oil, we’ll make a delivery immediately, and the next 50 gallons are on us. At P. Gagnon & Son we make commitments, not excuses and we’ve been doing it for 110 years. If you’re not sure you can trust your oil company for that kind of service, give us a call at 800-696-2213, or visit our website: pgagnon.com. We’re a real full-service oil and propane company, P. Gagnon and Son, South Berwick, Maine, where your comfort is our concern.”